Gemstone studies

If you love gemstones and want to know more about where they come from and how they are graded then look no further than this introductory course.

Skills gained

Our insightful and informative course will teach you how to identify and appreciate gemstones. Enjoy yourself handling beautiful gems while learning the properties and characteristics that make precious and semi-precious stones so unique. From the jargon used by the experts to appreciating their value, this course will provide you with all you need to know about some of your favourite stones.

What I learn?

  • Understand the difference between the main gemstone groups, why they are appreciated and the value they have in the current market.
  • You will discover what to look for and what you need to avoid when buying gemstones.
  • You will be able to adapt your practical training so that you can utilise it within the industry.

All tools and materials are included within the overall cost of the course but, if you are keen to purchase a gemstone toolkit, please enquire with the Admissions team as they can set a pack aside for you. Within the toolkit is a 10 x loupe, a pair of gemstone tweezers and a gemstone polishing cloth and the set is priced at £25.00. 

Saturday 12th July-Saturday 13th July 2014:10am-4pm
Wednesday 9th July-Wednesday 30th July 2014:6pm-9pm 

Would you like to study this course as a masterclass? Fill out the master class enquiry form here.


Every attendee receives a Holts Academy Course Completion Certificate.


£ £399.00


4 Evenings or 1 Weekend


Graham Tom

For dates and timetables please see our course timetable.

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